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Significant Voters: Seven Out Of Ten OFWs Are Women

Seven out of ten overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) going out of the country everyday are women and their votes can be a significant support for a candidate, according to the Center for Women’s Resources (CWR), a research and training institute for women.

Based on the past elections, more women have voted than men, comprising 51% of the actual voters. “If the trend continues for the 2010 election, then women voters – wherever they are – play a significant role to make or break a...


Despite 37 laws and policies, including the latest Magna Carta of Women, violence against women increased by 21%, according to a study of the Center for Women’s Resources (CWR), a research and training institute for women. Every day, 19 women are battered and two women are raped. The numbers are more alarming when it comes to cases of violence against children. Nine of them are raped and six to seven are beaten every day.

“This is an alarming trend since six years after RA 9262 was...

Women's Health Situation is the Real State of the Nation

Ramdam ang kaunlaran.

This has been the claim of Mrs. Gloria Arroyo for the past eight years in her State of the Nation Addresses (SONA). But according to Center for Women's Resources (CWR), a research and training institution for women, the current situation of women belies Mrs. Arroyo's claim that progress is indeed felt.

A survey conducted by CWR from January to June 2009 in selected areas from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao shows that women and their families have been...

MOTHER’S DAY: A Tradition of United Action for Women

Mother’s Day is not only about which mall is on sale or which restaurant mothers can dine out cheap with their families. Contrary to assumption that Hallmark owns the inspiration for Mother’s Day, this significant day is historically a day for women’s united action towards a healthy and peaceful society.

In the Philippines, the celebration of Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of the month of May is largely influenced by the American history of the celebration. Though the practice of...

Eight out of 10 Young Women Say "Enough of Gloria!"

Eight out of 10 young women in the National Capital Region (NCR) declared that they do not want Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to become a head of state beyond 2010, regardless of the result of cha-cha initiatives, according to the Center for Women's Resources (CWR), an independent research and training institute for women.

The survey, which was held last April 23, asked registered women voters if they are in favor of GMA as president beyond 2010 or as prime minister, should the charter...

Crisis Worsens Sex Trade -CWR initial study

Sex in exchange for a tub of fish.

As the economy takes a turn for the worst, more and more rural women are driven to prostitution. Sexual "favors "are done in exchange for fish, rice, and even coffee.

According to Center for Women's Resources (CWR), a research and training institute for women, they have been getting initial reports of increased incidence of prostitution in rural areas where food are planted and grown.

"The financial crisis has aggravated the condition...

Can Filipino Women Survive the Deluge?

The security of Filipino women is under threat.
This best describes the condition of women in 2009 as their security from hunger is threatened with the worsening economic crisis, and their security from violence assailed with the ongoing presence of US military troops in the country through the Visiting forces Agreement (VFA).

According to Center for Women's Resources (CWR), a research and training institute for women, the threat of hunger is stronger than ever for women as they...