March 2017

The toiling Filipino women anticipated a qualitative change when the new administration of Rodrigo Roa Duterte came into power in May 2016, replacing the callous, incompetent, corrupt, and elitist government of Pres. Benigno Simeon Aquino III. Thus, women have forwarded an agenda last July 2016 to the new president, encompassing political, socio-economic, and cultural aspects that they deemed necessary to uplift them from poverty and subjugation.

Initially, the new government gave pro-people pronouncements such as ending contractualization, granting free education...

29 November 2016

On the occasion of International Women Human Rights Defenders Day, the Center for Women’s Resources releases its new publication “Women in Southeast Asia: Resisting Militarism, Asserting Sovereignty”.

“Together with the people’s movements around the world, women are building movements and organizations to fight imperialism and neoliberalism that aim to control the world’s resources. Southeast Asian women, comprising half of the poor and struggling peoples who have been deprived of food, resources, and rights, need to have a collective call for action.



Women at Risk on Duterte’s Security Program and War on Drugs -CWR

17 October 2017

Women, as one of the most vulnerable sectors in the society, is at risk of falling victims to the perils of having National ID system and Citizen National Guard, as what happened in war on drugs, according to the Center for Women’s Resources (CWR), a 35-year research and training institution for women.

The conduct of war on drugs has killed and affected hundreds of women and children. As of October 2017, CWR documented at least 120 women and girls killed in Duterte’s war on drugs, excluding those who were considered “collateral damage” and those who were hurt and in critical condition.

CWR maintains that the war on drugs, from the very beginning, is an anti-poor initiative of the Duterte administration that focuses on cracking down drug users in the...

Henry Sy indulges in super profit at the expense of SM workers –CWR

14 October 2017

Sabel, not her real name, is a 25-year-old sales clerk at a children’s wear section in one of the branches of SM in Metro Manila. She is one of the more than 200,000 SM workers in the Philippines, most of whom are contractual and are exploited to endure very low wages, long work hours, and lack of workplace benefits.

In an interview with the Center for Women’s Resources (CWR), a 35-year research and training institution for women, Sabel narrated the profiteering scheme of SM malls which starts at the hiring process. She shared that while the job application in SM malls is relatively fast, it is however very expensive.

“Mabilis lang. Kapag dati [ka] nang [nagta-trabaho sa] SM, mga one week. Basta nakahanda ang NBI, Police Clearance, medical etc....