March 2016

It is the time of the year when call for change becomes the dominant tone. The May 2016 national elections offers again a new start with a new leadership, letting everyone hope that the past flubdub and illusory promises of the preceding six years will never be repeated. Despite mainstream media's spin on his achievements, the incumbent President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino’s electoral pledges of a righteous path have resulted to disappointments, disasters, and danger.

As Philippine politics is traditionally dominated by the rich and the powerful, the attention th...

November 2015

The Philippines hosts for the second time the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in 2015. Since October, the Aquino government frantically conducts build-up activities and prepares the country to show a supposedly "rising tiger in Asia" as declared by the World Bank. Almost 20 years ago, the Philippines was also touted as “Asia’s next economic tiger” when it hosted for the first time the APEC summit in 1996. Back to the present, the country is still called a "rising tiger."

Adding to the rising Philippine economy propaganda is its tune of inclusiv...


Gender Empowerment and Equity in Labor? Hardly -CWR

01 May 2016

Not true, asserts a 32-year research and education institution for women on the global projection of government that Filipino women gain equal labor rights and enjoy economic empowerment. The Center for Women’s Resources (CWR) study shows that the contractualization scheme hurts women workers most since majority of them are hired as contractuals.

“The so-called economic opportunity given by the government consists of temporary and low-skilled jobs for women. They receive a per-day below minimum wage. So on the contrary, such condition spells insecurity therefore disempowering to women,” says CWR executive director, Jojo Guan.

Based on the record from the Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics (BLES), CWR has discovered that the number of seasonal or...

JUST A CAMPAIGN PLEDGE? Women of Tondo still wait for the immediate removal of coal garbage

22 April 2016

Women of Happyland, Tondo feared that the assurance of the Manila government to immediately remove the coal stockpile in the area is only a campaign promise that will not be fulfilled.

"Siyempre eleksyon, kailangan nila ang boto namin pero dalawang buwan na ang nakalipas nang nagsabi silang aalisin ang tambak ng karbon sa aming lugar pero hanggang ngayon, patuloy pa ring nag-ooperate," said a worried mother.

The inaction of the government has prompted the women residents of Happyland, Tondo to join forces with the academe, students, and institutions in organizing a forum entitled "NOW NOT LATER: Women Fighting Against Coal in Happyland, Tondo" held at UP Diliman on April 22.

“Mahirap na nga makakuha ng pangkain, kapag andyan na at kakain na...